Jai’s Favorite Self-Care Rituals

  1.  Take yourself on a date:

Dating yourself and loving on yourself is the best! There is nothing like a good meal and doing a little happy dance when the food comes! Try that new restaurant, and don’t forget dessert!

  1. Work on a project you’ve been putting off:

Starting that project will not only make you feel good that you're making progress but it will also break up the monotony of your regular routine.  So start the backyard project, or paint that room!


  1. Volunteer:

Giving back always gives me the feels! Helping someone in need gives you a chance to meet new people and gives you the chance to put a smile on someone’s face - in turn putting a smile on your face!

  1. Connect:

Connecting with a family member or a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while can be really fulfilling.   We need to make sure we are checking in on each other during these hard times.  You never know how much a simple “how are you doing” can change someone’s day and yours.

  1. Make that therapist appointment honey:

You know that excitement you get when you get that notification that your amazon package has arrived! Well that’s how I feel about having a therapy appointment on my calendar.  Knowing that you have a good processing session coming up is the best. Therapy is awesome, let’s stop making each other feel shame around this subject. Here are some links to help you find the best therapist for you.



Self-care is not just bubble bath’s and facials, try and find the beauty in all of your experiences!

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